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2022 Top Email Marketing Free Tools for Business

Email Marketing is nowadays very popular thing in Digital Marketing and affiliate marketing. There are many Email marketing free tools for business to grow online. In this article we will discuss about in how many way you can do better email marketing to grow your business Online.

  1. 1. Autopilot – The leading marketing automation platform.
  2. 2. Benchmark – Best for small, independent agencies and consulting firms.
  3. 3. Constant Contact – The best choice for those just getting started with email marketing.
  4. 4. MailerLite – All the essentials at an affordable price.
  5. 5. EmailOctopus – A great web development free tool for email marketing.
  6. 6. ActiveCampaign – The most effective overall email marketing solution.

List of 6 Email Marketing Free Tools You can use

Autopilot : The leading marketing automation platform

Next, we recommend simplifying digital marketing. One of the best features of Autopilot is its ability to build email automation sequences that let you focus on creating optimal (and successful) customer journeys.

Marketers no longer send bulk emails or blindly share weekly email newsletters. A smart approach to email marketing is essential in today’s digital landscape. It’s all about sending the right message at the right time – intuitively and automatically.

The process of creating email automation sequences can easily become complicated for anyone who has worked with them. This can be solved by Autopilot in a rather fun way, allowing you to annotate automation sequences with emoji’s, stickers, and explanations, making it easy for teams to collaborate on custom campaigns.

The ability to trigger actions within Autopilot is another feature we love about this tool. By using Zippier which is a free tool for email marketing, you can automate integrations without having to configure them, and it makes your sequences much easier to follow.

I will discuss Autopilot’s reporting in a later section, but there is no built-in CRM, and that may be a deal-breaker for some. However, Autopilot is incredibly intuitive, making it a great choice for teams looking to automate powerful email campaigns.

Which Autopilot features do you recommend?

  • Tracking of websites
  • using automation annotations
  • to map customer journeys
  • in lead scoring and nurturing
  • a multi-channel marketing campaign
  • A/B split testing
best free tool for email marketing
check out some free tools for email marketing


  1. Best for small, independent agencies and consulting firms.

Benchmark isn’t as well-known as the other tools on our list, but it’s a very intriguing option, especially if you want to send beautifully designed emails without having to hire or be an email designer.

Their custom templates, as well as the platform itself, are beautifully designed and created to ensure an excellent user experience. It may seem trivial to some, but it makes a lot of difference when it comes to understanding your data and impressing contacts.

For small businesses that are looking for an email tool and marketing automation software that is beautiful, easy-to-use, and affordable, Benchmark is the right choice. Its plans start at just $10.50 per month.

But it’s a particularly good option for small agencies and consultancies, where design is crucial from both a training and client experience perspective.

What are the major features of Benchmark?

  • The visual mail builder.
  • Automated marketing.
  • Thousands of integrations.
  • Thousands of landing pages.
  • Polls and surveys.
  • Analysis.
  • Forms of registration
  • compared to each other

Constant Contact

  1. The best choice for those just getting started with email marketing.

Constant Contact is a great place to start if you’re new to email marketing and don’t want to feel overwhelmed. It is easy to add text and images to your emails with the drag-and-drop email builder.

Also, Constant Contact offers more than 100 mobile-friendly email templates, making it easier for users to create professional emails than with other tools.

Constant Contact’s automation features automate a lot of the email marketing process, including welcome messages for new subscribers and drip email campaigns based on customer behavior. Constant Contact also offers a user-friendly contact import function for easy segmentation of your contacts – simply connect your email or CRM account. Additionally, you’ll get access to custom demographic data, subscriber surveys, and personalized coupons.

Mailerlite Office

  1. All the essentials at an affordable price.

Small businesses that need more marketing features, such as a CRM and advanced audience segmentation, may benefit from Active Campaign, which offers the same features for the same monthly cost.

However, if you’re just sending simple email campaigns to your audience, MailerLite office is really an ideal and free tool for email marketing (and affordable) choice.

email marketing tools for business
Top Email Marketing tools for business in 2022

What are the free features of Mailer Lite?

  • A drag-and-drop editor.
  • Automated emails.
  • Online website builder.
  • Ten landing pages.
  • Pop-ups and sign-up forms

Mailerlite office free plan is decent enough, but you’ll get even more features with their paid plans, such as selling digital products, creating auto-resend campaigns, and using unlimited templates.

Email Octopus : Typeform Email Octopus Integration

  1. A great web development and free tool for email marketing which helps you in targeting the right audience.

A small tech startup with an AWS-fluent team member who needs the power and flexibility of SES without having to code the emails would find Email Octopus perfect.

What are the top features of Email Octopus?

  • Contact Import
  • Custom Forms
  • with Pre-Design Templates
  • Drip Campaigns with Automated Follow-Up
  • For Segmented Subscribers.

Active Campaign

  1. The most effective overall email marketing solution.

Due to its 130,000 customers, Active Campaign was the most frequently mentioned tool in our survey of email marketing software options for 2022.

  • The marketing automation tool Active Campaign offers multiple solutions for B2C, B2B, and e-commerce businesses from around the world.
  • It includes:
  • Integration with CRM
  • Through more than 870 integrations
  • With split testing and split actions
  • Measurement
  • Based on segmented lists
  • In order to determine the likelihood of winning
  • Results,
  • SMS and site messaging are used
  • Editing Tool
  • Website seo ranker tool

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Email Marketing?

It is a type of marketing where you have to get the customers by sending emails to different people and clients. You have to target the audience by mailing them and convince them into your products.

Q.2 How can I Start Email Marketing for free?

You can start email marketing with the help of some email marketing free tools available online. there are various types of tools which can you use to boost your email marketing business. see the article above.



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