Krishna Janmashtami 2022 : Know the Important Rituals

Check the Important Date for Krishna Janmashtami 2022, When to celebrate 18 August or 19 August. Know about the Subh Muhurat and what to offer to Krishna

The question is when Janmashtami should be celebrated again this year, as it was during Rakshaban. It is either 18 or 19 August. As in Hinduism, festivals or fasts are celebrated based on date, so as a result of the difference in Udaya Tithi, the fast and festival are on separate days.

Ashtami Tithi will start today at 9.21pm. However, it will end at 10:59pm on August 19.

This year it is the 5249th birthday of Lord Krishna. According to the scriptures, Lord Krishna was born on Ashtami Tithi in the eighth Muhurta of the night. Since Ashtami Tithi falls on 19th August, it would be a good day to celebrate Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary on 19th August.

During this Janmashtami 2022, eight kinds of auspicious yoga are formed. They are Mahalakshmi, Budhaditya, Dhruva, Chhatra, Kuldeepak, Bharati, Harsh and Satkirti.

Krishna Janmashtami 2022 should be celebrated on 19th August

Krishna Janmashtami Shri krishna

Since Ashtami is two days long on the 18th and 19th of August, this time there is confusion regarding Krishna Janmashtami 2022. We can conduct a brief astrological analysis to determine when it is appropriate to celebrate Janmashtami.

In fact, the Ashtami date of Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha begins on August 18 at around 9:30 in the night instead of in the morning. As a result, the rising date of Ashtami will be August 19. However, according to this Udaya Tithi, it is better to celebrate Janmashtami 2022 on 19th August.

This time Janmashtami is being celebrated on August 19 in many places including the city of Lord Krishna, but in some places, such as Puri, the festival of Janmashtami is also being celebrated on August 18. On Janmashtami, 51 minutes of Abhijeet Muhurta is accompanied by a number of auspicious coincidences. The rising date of Ashtami Tithi is 19th August.

May Lord Krishna rid you of all your worries on this day.
  • The dates of Janmashtami are August 18th and 19th
  • Ashtami begins on August 18, Thursday night at 9:21PM
  • Ashtami ends on Friday night, August 19, at 10:59
  • Abhijeet Muhurta- 12:05 to 12:56
  • From Monday, 17 August at 8:56 pm to Thursday, 18 August at 8:41 pm: Vriddhi Yoga

The birth of Lord Krishna coincides with Bhadrapada Ashtami Tithi and Rohini Nakshatra. Rohini Nakshatra is one of the most auspicious constellations among all the 27.

What is the best way to worship Shri Krishna on Janmashtami?

During worship of Shri Krishna, Gopi sandalwood is used. It is recommended to smell the ring finger while worshiping Shri Krishna. To offer Haldi Kumkum to Shri Krishna Ji, you should first use turmeric and then Kumkum and then with your thumb and ring finger.

It is believed that the mudra formed by joining the thumb and ring finger awakens the anahata chakra, thus improving devotion in the worshiper.

What is the auspicious time for Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Puja?

On Bhadrapada Ashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is celebrated. Also this year, Krishna Janmashtami 2022 is on August 18 and 19. It is considered best to worship on Janmashtami during Nishith period, which occurs between 12:03 and 12:47 in the night. For worshiping during this period, 44 minutes are auspicious.

Traditionally, Lord Krishna was born in Mathura at midnight on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha during Bhadrapada month and coincided with Rohini Nakshatra.

In such a situation, the devotees of the Lord celebrate the birth anniversary of Kanha with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm every year on this date and month. Ashtami Tithi will begin on August 18th at 9.21 p.m. and end at around 10.10 p.m. on August 19th.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the Date of Krishna Janmashtami 2022?

    19 August 2022

  2. What is the date of Dahi Handi 2022?

    Indians celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. Preparations for the festival were already in full swing. Both August 18 and 19 will be observed as part of the festival

  3. What can we eat on Krishna Janmashtami?

    All fruits and vegetables are acceptable, including apples, bananas, blackberries, grapes, almonds, and walnuts. Boosting your energy and immunity is another benefit of Sabudana and Kuttu Ka Aata.

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