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5 Top SEO Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies in 2022

A digital marketing agency provides various SEO tools for digital marketing tested with several. Some are free, premium, and paid. we are talking about tools for keyword research

In some cases, It had to contribute to a tool just because the client believed it provided the most exact information about their website.

Here’s the harsh truth: Not all SEO tools are created equal. A popular of them are not value your time and share.

So in this blog, though we (Digi search) try to minimize the drawback of investing in an average tool by listing down 5 SEO tools that are worth investing in.

Before we get started, let’s set some ground rules.

This list will article only all-purpose SEO tools, meaning tools that include all of the following five essential capabilities:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Position tracking
  • Mobile Optimization

List of SEO Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

1 SEMrush Tools for Keyword Research :- Use it if top priority is keyword research, competition analysis, and site audit. 

SEO Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

SEMrush’s Site Audit Tool performs a thorough technical SEO site audit and helps to fix all undetected SEO errors on the site.
Keyword magic tool lets you find the best keywords for concentration for SEO and PPC campaigns.

  • When customers ask you to generate backlink audits, SEMRush is your best option. With this tool, you can generate a comprehensive backlink report from your customer’s competitors and allow you to compare your customer’s backlinks against up to 5 domains. In addition, it can help you discover backlink opportunities and clean up your client’s link profile.

2 Ahrefs backlink checker :- Use it if top priority is backlink analysis.

free ahrefs backlink checker
  • The Site Explorer tool offers an in-depth look at the backlink summary and search traffic of any website or URL.
  • Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker lets display Google search rankings on desktop and mobile across 170 countries and chart your routine compared to your opponents’.
  • Let’s say you’re preparing for your company’s new blog, but have no clue what to write about, what performance it will perform. With Ahrefs backlink checker, you can discover the best content in your industry by pulling together competitive content research that will help you determine what content your blog should be about that outperforms your competitors’ content. Will do

3 HubSpot: Use it if top priority is heightening clients’ conversion rates.

tools for keyword research
  • HubSpot provides topic proposals based on relevance, competition, and popularity, as well as access to monthly search data so can guess how ranking for exact topics will interpret to organic traffic gains.
  • You can get legal on-page SEO advice in the same place you’re making blog posts, landing pages, and site pages.

4  Serpstat Keyword Research: Use it if have a smaller budget, but would still like a reliable SEO tool.

serpstat keyword tool
  • Serpstat progressive site audit tool allows to uncover and remove all the serious SEO errors on website.
  • With the extremely useful “Search Questions” function, it can research niche questions and find ideas for generating traffic-driving content. A search engine suggests keywords when a user types an analyzed query into the search bar. By parsing search suggestions, the site can gather as complete a list of keywords as possible.
  • In addition, these phrases are often less competitive So, this is how you elaborate the entire map to the required level after agreeing on all the details with the customer. Furthermore, it is important to evaluate the intersections of semantics among competitors. The more competitors use your key phrase on their site, the more likely you will need it on yours.

5. Google Keyword Planner Free Tool : The Free Tool Which You Can Use For Keyword Research

The Google Keyword Planner free tool is a great resource for building a strong and robust keyword list that will pretty much get your PPC campaign off to a good start. Overall, we can all agree that the Google Ads suite is the dominant tool in PPC and SEO, but for the purpose of this blog, we chose to focus on the Google Keyword Planner. According to Google Keywords Planner Tool, “Using the Google Ads Keyword Tool, you can search for keyword and ad group ideas, see how a list of keywords might perform, and create new keywords.” Can also combine keyword lists.”

You will have four options to choose from when using this tool. You can search for new keywords by typing a phrase, website, or category to generate new ideas.



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