Akshay Kumar is in a 'no-stopping' zone.Just over a week after Raksha Bandhan hit theaters, Akshay has released another film.

It's a cop thriller this time.Akshay's new film 'Cuttputlli' was released on Disney + Hotstar instead of the big screens.

Taking to Instagram, Akshay shared a poster of his starrer, which also features Rakul Preet Singh.

Akshay plays Arjan Sethi, a sub-inspector who swears to protect the people of Kasauli in the movie.

A killer strikes from the shadows of terror, leaving no trace of evidence except for a body.

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As Sethi seeks to uncover the link between the murders and the face behind them, he embarks on a thrilling roller coaster ride.

Here, revenge is an illusion and the last act of the movie will completely surprise you - that's what makes it so unique!"