Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate Program is Affiliate marketing Platform, where you can promote various products and earn money online. Learn how to create flipkart affiliate account.

Flipkart Affiliate Program is a Affiliate Marketing Platform just like the Amazon Associates where you can register Yourself and Start Promoting Products of Different Companies.

For those who have done a little research on Affiliate Marketing, you will know that Flipkart doesn’t approve the Affiliate Program to everyone.

if you are planning to promote products online atleast you should try and register yourself for flipkart affiliate program.

There is a website name Cuelinks which have Flipkart Affiliate. You can register on cuelinks and apply for the flipkart affiliate and Choose Products according to your needs

Flipkart Affiliate Program has not been stopped. However, since May 2018, they no longer accept new affiliate requests. Flipkart has not given a clear reason for stopping accepting new requests.

Affiliate marketing is easy to start without money. Flipkart pays you for driving traffic via Telegram, Facebook, Instagram