In Whatsapp new features 2022, users will be able to listen to voice messages outside of the chat, so they can multitask or read and respond to other messages 

There is a problem for users who wish to hide their last seen status from certain contacts, but not from all of them.

A new feature that allows users to hide their ‘last seen’ status from specific contacts is currently being tested by the company. 

You can make short videos with Instagram Reels, a feature added to the picture-sharing app.

The updates allow users to hide their last seen from others, and there is also a new community

In the future, Instagram Reels will be added to WhatsApp. Instagram Reels #tags will be accessible directly from the messaging app, according to reports.

WhatsApp has also added the ability to log out of sessions. What will excite you the most is the ability to use Instagram reels #tags hashtags on Whatsapp.