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Check the Best Whatsapp New Features 2022

As part of the Whatsapp new features 2022, users will be able to listen to a voice message outside of the chat, so they can multitask or read and respond to other messages; pause the recording and resume when ready, in case they’re interrupted; and see a visual representation of the sound on the recording, which helps users follow the message.

According to the new updates, users can hide their last seen from other people, there is also a new community feature which you can use to improve your privacy. These new features Remove the time limit for deleting messages. whatsapp also add a new feature of logout sessions. the most important feature which will excite you is you can use instagram reels #tags on whatsapp with your friends.

Top 5 Whatsapp New Features 2022

1. How to Freeze Last seen on Whatsapp

WhatsApp has always offered a setting that lets you hide your last seen from your contacts. People who want to hide their availability from their WhatsApp contacts will find it useful. Using this feature has the downside of not being able to see the ‘last seen’ status of your contacts. Users like me who only wish to hide their last seen status from specific contacts but not from all of them face this issue. Thankfully, the company is testing a new feature that allows users to hide their ‘last seen’ status from specific contacts.

how to freeze last seen on whatsapp

2. A New Community Feature

WhatsApp is working on a new community feature that could be released in the near future. The feature is similar to Discord groups and channels. It is not the same as WhatsApp’s group feature. App admins will be able to control more aspects of the app with the new communities feature. Administrators will be able to create multiple groups within a community, just like you can do on Discord.

Chats in the community will be encrypted end-to-end, just like other chats. At this point, we don’t have more details about this feature, but given the amount of work it will take to implement this feature, we are sure that it will be available sometime in 2022. Hack whatsapp video calling feature

3. No Time Limit For Deleting Sent Messages

WhatsApp allows users to delete sent messages, but there is a time limit of up to 4,096 seconds (68 minutes and 16 seconds) to delete a message after sending it. A beta version of the app suggests that the company may be planning to remove this restriction once and for all. Testing did not reveal a time limit for executing the delete action. Users will be able to delete their sent messages from any point in the past. There is no clear date when this feature will be available, so it will be some time before we see it.

how to delete whatsapp messages

4. Whatsapp Logout

With the upcoming multi-device feature, the Whatsapp logout button will replace the ‘Delete Account’ button. According to WaBetaInfo, which keeps track of WhatsApp updates, the app will finally offer a way for its users to log out. As with Facebook and other social networking apps, WhatsApp users will be able to log out of their accounts from their devices. The feature was recently spotted on the new beta version of WhatsApp, and is expected to roll out to iOS and Android devices soon. WhatsApp’s logout feature will likely allow people on the app to log in to their accounts from multiple devices simultaneously.

5. Use Instagram Reels #tags on Whatsapp

Instagram Reels will be added to WhatsApp in the future. According to reports, users will be able to watch Instagram Reels #tags directly from the messaging app. WhatsApp might be integrating with other Facebook-owned apps in the future. Instagram Reels is a short video feature added to the picture-sharing app where you can make short videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can we delete whatsapp message from Everyone?

when you send someone message, if the person is not online and in the meantime if you delete the message then the person will not be able to see the message.

What are Instagram Reels #Tags ?

Instagram reels is a short video platform where you can upload short videos like youtube shorts. instagram hashtags are used in posts to increase the reach of your posts.



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